Bubbles You Can Rely On

Who loves baths? Yes, all of us. Who loves giant fluffy and luxurious bubbles in their bath? All of us! Not only are our bubbles made with paraben free fragrances and essential oils, they are also PH Balanced and gentle on your skin. Did I mention our bubbles are exceptionally bubbly and last for your entire hour-or-longer bath? There's that, too.

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Long Lasting Hydration

 It's time to give that body of yours some love! Hydrate your beautiful skin using our new body butters that are chalked full of skin nourishing oils, plant extracts and panthenol! Our body butters are made from over 88% naturally derived vegan ingredients, and your skin will be soft and supple for hours after use!

  • Fizzy Bath Dust

    "My kids loved the @threefatessoapco fizzy bath dust in berry delicious. It smelled amazing and just a tiny bit created a nice light blue colour, Highly recommend for kids!! <3


  • Bubble Truffles

    "These bubbles last! My youngest did not want to get out of the bath, he stayed in for an hour and there were still bubbles going strong at that point. His skin wasn't all dried out after either! Will definitely buy again."


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  • Artisan Soaps

    "This company has finally gotten me into the world of soap. All the women in my life love it as gifts and i personally cannot get enough of the massage bar soap! Hands down, the cleanest my neck and shoulders have been EVER!"

    Liam B